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About us

Shenzhen MH Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Specializing in the production of various high-simulation models. Our company has been committed to the research and development and precision of various construction machinery models and various gifts such as car models, van models, bus models, truck models, military models, excavator models, pump truck models, crane models, paver models, etc. Our company has winned a good reputation and reputation in the model industry.

MH industrial has more than 100 professional designers, engineers and technical backbones. There are nearly 500 production employees. The company has advanced equipment such as CNC CNC engraving machine, CNC machining center, precision etching spark machine, precision grinding machine, zinc alloy die-casting machine, injection molding machine, imported electrostatic automatic spraying line, rotary pad printing machine and other advanced equipment, forming a product development--mold Design and production--zinc alloy die-casting production--injection molding production--large color electrostatic spraying, large and small gun spraying, pad printing--assembly and assembly--after-sales service and other one-stop services. Our service tenet is: You give us the order, and we give you the peace of mind!

Main products:

Raw materials: alloy/resin/plastic, models of various scales can be customized according to customer needs. Simulation degree up to 95%

1. Car models: sedans, commercial vehicles, classic cars, etc.

2. Bus models: school bus, bus, bus, double side bus, etc.

3. Truck models: tractor, traditional truck, box truck, container truck, mine dump truck, etc.

4. Construction machinery models: excavators, cranes, pump trucks, mixer trucks, bulldozers, road rollers, loaders, pavers, milling machines, harvesters, tractors, etc.

5. Military models: military vehicles, military trucks, military planes, etc.

6. Aerospace models: space rockets, other aviation models

7. Train model: train, high-speed rail, subway, etc.

8. Figures: cartoons, characters, animals and other figures.



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