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Container Truck Models

  • 1 35 diecast tank models
1 35 diecast tank models

1 35 diecast tank models

  • Type: Die-cast tank truck models
  • Scale:Custmized
  • Raw material: Metal+Plastic
  • Factory Certificate: ISO 9001 2008
  • Product description: 1 35 diecast tank models

1 35 diecast tank models


1 35 diecast tank models

  1. Opening Doors
  2. Opening Hood
  3. Working table
  4. Steerable Front Axle
  5. Detailed Interior
  6. Pintle Hitch
Mega Series Packaging:

Collectible, full-color printed metal box, including machine photos and specifications.
Die-cut foam insert protects model within the box. Cardboard outer box provides additional protection.


  1. with a full series of advanced equipments. 3D fast modeling machine, High precision CNC Milling center, CNC carving machine,160T diecasting machine,plastic injection machine, electrostatic sprayer, automatic pipe-lining ...... We can supply a full set of service from designing, tooling ,producing,assembling,to after-sales service.
  2. Every production process should be strictly monitored by the means of self check/ mutual check/special check.Moreover, with professional quality control methods of Seven Quality control tools/ Quality Control Circle / Quality review meeting ,to ensure there is no defective parts go into next process, make the whole production process under control.
  3. We offer a quick reply channel, also set up a emergency Team for handling customer special cases and workout the best solution in order to meet the customers’needs.
  4. The guarantee period we supply is 18 months after delivery of non-artificial damage.

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