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Why we need to make a prototype?

The function of Prototype:

The prototype mainly use for checking shape, function, component location, structural design rationality according to machine model. It’s linchpin for the product tooling &3D drawing that is also on the basis of prototype.

Normally, The prototype scale is same with the final model, the material is ABS. The character of ABS is smooth finish, easy treating & polishing. Keep original color.

I would like to explain more about why we need to make a prototype before tooling as follows: Prototype is for telling you what the actual shape of final model with full details will be. Which is miniatured precisely from real 3D data information provided by customer. Customer can check shape, function, parts, structure design if in accordance with the real one from the prototype. If any missing or mistake occur on prototype, factory can modify accordingly. Normally, the prototype is made of ABS materials without spraying color as it is just for check shape, function and structure. When the project goes into tooling process, all tooling are steel mould, are hard to make the correction.