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Why do we need the detail pictures of real vehicle?

  • Generally, the main materials of models are zinc and plastic ABS materials. For producing plastic ABS material parts, usually we need to add the same color powder as the real vehicle firstly in the Injection process. Then, we'll paint the same color as the color powder on these plastic parts in the painting process. If so, the model’s color will look very good. So we need to put the same color parts in a tooling mould. They can be added the same color powder in the injection. This way is convenient to our color processing. But if we put the different color parts in a tooling, then the injection process will be very difficult and time-consuming. In fact, the final color effect will be not so good. So, we suggest to array the tooling moulds according to the real vehicle’s color reference. If that, we will make the toolings orderly and successfully.
  • The body surface will also have a variety of color decorative effects, different colors of the position must be added to the mold line to facilitate the production of spray surface paint.