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Our Commitment

MEGA MODELS produce the models according to the contract requirements. About the model design, process research and development, mold production, production processing, after-sales service, we make the following commitments:
一:Model Design and R&D Commitments:
Within three days after the signing of the contract, the customer shall provide the technical data (3D data and pictures of real vehicle). Within 35 days after the completion of the technical data collection. MEGA Models may deliver the first prototype sample to the customer for confirmation. Relevant questions or opinions are promptly revised, and the time is about 7-10 days. Both parties must sign the prototypes to confirm the facts.
二:Mold production commitment:
Within 90 days after the confirmation of the prototype, MEGA MODELS manufacture related molds and samples according to the confirmed prototype, and sent 2 model samples to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation, the customer must sign and acknowledge and return 1 sample to MEGA MODELS as the receiving standard for mass production.
三: Production Processing and Delivery Commitment:
After we received the confirmed models from your side. We will begin to purchase the raw material, and produce the diecast, plastic spare parts, painting and assemble. We guarantte we will deliver the models before the delivery date.
四:Warranty Commitment:
We will change or repair the damaged models by free within 12 month, if the model was not artificially damaged。
五:Customer service commitment.
Reply within 24 hours。