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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you OEM customize model?
A1. Yes, we mainly do OEM service, but we are also the distributor of some brands.

Q2.  What is the main product of your company? 
A2.  Diecast/Resin vehicle models with any ratio. 

Q3. Do you OEM customize model?
A3. Yes, we can design and manufacture various model according to our customer requirements. 

Q4. Do you offer spare parts
A4. Yes, we can provide spare parts for you.

Q5. Can you provide a sample?
A5. Yes. 

Q6. What is the delivery time if we develop a new model?
A6. For resin models:   About 90 days
    For Diecast models:  About 120-160 days 

Q7. What is your term of payment?
A7. T/T, Paypal, Western union, etc.

Q8: What is your MOQ for develop a new model car ?
A8: 300pcs for Resin model car, 500pcs for Die cast model car .

Q9: May I reproduce images found on this site?
A9: All models displaced on our website is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. 

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